what’s the difference BETWEEN A WEDDING PLANNER & A STYLIST?

Knowing the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist can be extremely helpful in clearing up confusion in the planning process. Some couples hire both depending on their needs, while others may only need to hire a planner or a stylist.

Stylist :

  • Develops the design with you prior to the wedding

  • Tackles all things aesthetic about your wedding

  • Works with you up until the day of your wedding

  • Sets up the event on the day of

  • Works with your vendors to ensure your vision is achieved

    Planner :

  • Tactical planning of event and rehearsal

  • Works the event to ensure it runs smoothly

  • Facilitates the wedding & solves last minute emergencies

  • Acts as your go-to person on the day of, overseeing the works of all other vendors



how much does a stylist cost?

Depending on the size of your event, there are a multitude of services I can provide to make sure the wedding or party is styled to your aesthetic and vision. That being said, there are certain factors that may affect whether or not MJ.THESTYLIST is right for you, including budget, scale, and more.

  • Design a visual concept and feel for the wedding, providing a mood board if necessary

  • Ceremony decoration including arbor or aisle

  • Centerpiece and interior styling

  • Tabletop styling including escort card table, dessert table, &/or sweetheart table

  • Cake decoration with florals

  • Personal florals including bouquets & boutonnieres

  • Floral arrangements for reception and ceremony

  • Fashion styling for bridal party

  • Assistance with dress and accessory selection

    other services can be discussed in a consultation

There is no set cost for the work of a stylist and each stylist/designer may charge differently. MJ.THESTYLIST bases pricing off of services selected, product needed to complete those services, and hourly rate. The final price of your wedding will not be calculated until the first consultation.